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Get your check up in before the year is out

The end of the year is fast approaching, so why not get in now and make an appointment for your dental check up at Lasting Impressions Dental. We are a friendly dental practice located in Canberra CBD, we have two wonderful, gentle thorough dentists – Dr David Davies & Dr Edmond Truong. At Lasting Impressions Dental we are currently taking new patients, so if you are looking for a great Canberra Dentist please phone us to make an appointment on 02 6249 8383. Towards the end of the year the practice tends to become quite busy as this is the time when people are planning end of year holidays and want to ensure their teeth are in good nick before they travel. So October is a good time to book in for a dental check up before we book out! Take care of your teeth his Summer and have them checked by one of our Dentists, we take the time to make sure your teeth and gums are in good health. Do you have a tooth that is a bit sensitive? Then it may be time to have it looked at by a dentist. Dental practices can book up quite quickly by the end of the year so get on the phone and make that appointment before it gets worse! Lasting Impressions Dental – your Canberra Dentists...

General Dental Care

General dental care is so important yet most of us do the bare minimum when it comes to our oral health. The reason most patients are anxious when they come for their check up (or avoid it altogether) is due to the fact they know they haven’t been keeping up with good general dental care. At Lasting Impressions Dental – your local Canberra Dentist, we believe in teaching our patients to look after their teeth so that they don’t need to come to the dentist for treatment that could have otherwise been prevented. It’s never to late to start good oral hygiene. Just brushing your teeth twice a day isn’t enough to keep your pearly whites protected, so read below to make sure you are making your best effort to keep your teeth clean and free of diseases. So what does good general everyday dental care involve? Brushing your teeth (but we all knew that!).  We should brush our teeth at least twice a day with a soft to medium brush. Do not scrub your teeth – be gentle, your gums can wear away with harsh brushing! Make sure you brush all of your teeth with a gentle circling motion ensuring you are brushing all the build-up on your teeth. Gently brush your gums too – but remember be gentle! If you can brush your teeth after lunch too – not just in the morning and evening. This gives your teeth the best chance of staying cavity free. Flossing (yes, you know this one too!) Floss in the morning and evening brushing your teeth alone cannot remove all the...

Dental Decay the Most Prevalent Chronic Disease in Children

It is alarming to think that dental decay is the most widespread chronic disease in children and a study by the University of Adelaide under the leadership of Associate Professor Loc Do wants to know why and what can be done to combat it. Associate Professor Do points out that dental health cannot be viewed in isolation. Diet, general health and economic circumstances all play a role. He emphasised the role preventative dental care plays in good dental health. The study, to be undertaken of up to 1800 pre school-aged children, will yield information that can be used to focus on improvements to oral health. One sure way ensuring sound dental health is a regular dental check up. Children need regular check ups as much as adults do and these should form part of your family’s health plan. The dentists at Lasting Impressions Dental know that regular check ups are critical as potential problems can be detected early and treated before they become more serious. They know too, that it can be difficult finding the time to get the kids to the dentist with all the commitments kids and and families have these days. School holidays are a great time for kids to see the dentist. No clashes with sport, school, homework or after school activities and for the September/October school holidays we are offering a special deal on children’s checkups! So there really isn’t a better time to tick this job off your to- do list. Call 6240 8383 today. For full details of school holiday specials click here: http://lastingimpressionsdental.com.au/2013/09/16/school-holiday-check-up-specials-23-monday-september-to-friday-12-october-2013/   For details of the University of Adelaide...

Have you relocated to Canberra?

So you’ve just moved to Canberra and now you need to find a new dentist (among other things of course). Keeping up with your regular dental check ups can be tricky, especially when you have relocated and are looking for a good dentist. There are many things to consider; location, price, a practice that can take on your dental needs,  and above all a dentist you can trust! Lasting Impressions Dental is Located in the Canberra City with plenty of parking available. We have two wonderful dentist’s Dr David Davies and Dr Edmond Truong – both very friendly chaps if I do say so myself! Some practices will not take on new patients but here at Lasting Impressions Dental our friendly staff love to welcome new patients to the practice. Looking after your teeth is taken very seriously as we want to help you maintain a healthy mouth full of pearly whites. Of course general dental check ups are key in maintaining good oral so we will try to keep you coming to your regular check up so we can avoid seeing you in an emergency dental situation. A little bit about our wonderful dentists: Dr David Davies Dr Davies is committed to providing ongoing, quality dental care of which is tailored to each individual patient. He has a gentle  and calm approach which has in turn enabled many nervous patients to overcome their anxiety about dental treatment. If you are an anxious patient Dr Davies can offer Hypnosis to keep your anxiety at bay before and during treatment. Dr Davies had a special interest in Implant Dentistry and...

School Holiday Check Up Specials 23 Monday September to Friday 12 October 2013

Lasting Impressions Dental cares about kids’ dental health. That’s why we are offering special prices on kids’ check-ups over the next school holidays. And because ACT and NSW have different holiday dates, these specials will run for a massive 3 weeks! *      School kids’ check-up and clean $120 (usually $170) *      School kids’ check up and clean charged at health rebate only when parent also attends for a check up and clean at the same time. (Just let reception know that your child will also be attending so we can schedule your appointment for the appropriate time.) *      Pre-schoolers and under 5s receive a free check up when they accompany a parent to their appointment! They can jump into the chair just before or after your treatment for a quick checkup to make sure all is well. If you’ve been thinking about having your children’s teeth checked, now is the time to act as these specials are for the school holidays only. Book now on 62498383 or 62491689. Terms and conditions Accounts to be settled at time of treatment Specials apply on for the period 23 Monday September to Friday 12 October 2013 Should other treatment be necessary, normal fees will apply Xrays, if required, will be charged at the normal...

Have you had a dental check up recently?

Most Australians don’t have regular dental check ups. Here are some of the reasons many of us don’t get our regular dental check up  It ‘s expensive to have your teeth checked every 6-12 months  I don’t have the time  My teeth look fine so I don’t need a check up  I’m afraid of the dentist  Dental appointments are painful Those are just a few excuses people use to not attend their regular dental check ups, but here are some reasons why you really should and that discount the above excuses! A regular trip to your dentist will ensure you are looking after your teeth well and catch dental issues before they get worse. So in reality if you are having your teeth regularly checked, you will save money! In the long run if you avoid general check ups and then one day you are hit with a horrible tooth ache, it is more likely that you are going to need extensive dental work done. Having a dental check up generally only takes 30 minutes apposed to if you have a tooth ache and need an emergency dental appointment, you may need to wait to be seen, then depending on what is wrong with your tooth this could be an extensive and more expensive appointment! Just because your teeth look fine on the exterior doesn’t mean that they are fine in the interior. Routine x-rays are performed when needed during a dental check up and these can help detect if there is anything sinister going on with your teeth. So you’re afraid of the dentist, who hasn’t been at...


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