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Cavity Fighting Candy Oral Biologists Use Chemistry To Formulate Cavity Fighting Mints

Oral biologists formulated a mint that fights cavities with an ingredient called Cavistat. Cavistat contains two main components that protect the teeth. First, the amino acid arginine metabolizes certain bacteria, which neutralizes the acid generated by sugars. This raises the pH to help prevent damage to teeth. Cavistat also introduces other chemical compounds that protect against the dissolving of the minerals of the teeth.  with tooth-decaying, cavity-causing sugar. For the past 40 years, experts have seen a decrease in the amount of tooth decay in children; but according to Centers for Disease Control statistics, the trend is reversing. To tackle the problem, one dental scientist has found a way to use candy to help prevent cavities. Tooth decay in kids has increased 28 percent in the past eight years. Experts believe too many sugary, processed foods and not enough brushing are to blame. A key factor in fighting cavities is found in your mouth. “Saliva is the great protector against cavities,” said Israel Kleinberg, D.D.S., Ph.D., an oral biologist at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, N.Y. Dr. Kleinberg says 40 years of research and more than $1 billion has been spent trying to figure out what saliva has that fights tooth decay. “I’m one of the pioneers in that as a whole new science,” Dr. Kleinberg said. “It’s where one mixes dentistry and biochemistry.” Dr. Kleinberg discovered how saliva’s chemistry helps teeth neutralize the acidity created from eating food by balancing the pH levels in the mouth. “[It’s] like if you’ve got a swimming pool,” Dr. Kleinberg said. “You have got to get the pH right. If you’ve...

Xylitol, the sweetener that's good for your teeth!!!

So what is Xylitol you ask?   Lasting Impressions Dental has had a look into what all the hype is about relating to this natural sweetener called Xylitol. Read on to find out about the benefits of Xylitol and your dental health.   Xylitol is a natural sweetener that has many benefits not only for your overall health but also for your teeth. Pure xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar and is 100% sugar free. It is 100% natural and is derived from some fruits and vegetables. Some xylitol products contain fillers or other sweeteners that are not natural so you need to be careful and read the label when purchasing to ensure you are getting 100% xylitol. It is usually best to purchase these products from the health food store.  Xylitol is great to use in place of sugar as it is 100% natural, it is low GI and it is great for your teeth as studies have shown it can help prevent tooth decay. So it is great for your teeth and for your waist line! Sound too good to be true? Read on to find out more on this fantastic product.    How does a natural sweetener help your teeth? We are always being told that sweeteners such as cane sugar and honey for example are bad for our teeth and cause tooth decay so how can it be that xylitol is good for your teeth and fights tooth decay?  This information was sourced from http://www.xylitol.org visit the website to get more information on xylitol. Why does xylitol help protect teeth from...

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