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Want Whiter Teeth for Summer?

Summer is approaching and who doesn’t want bright gleaming teeth to go with that golden tan? At Lasting Impressions Dental, your local Canberra dentist we can help provide you with a brighter smile – just in time for summer! How is teeth whitening achieved? Teeth Whitening is a process that lightens the colour of your teeth which is done in the dental chair (Zoom Whitening) or at home (bleach trays) using a peroxide-based gel. Many patients achieve great results when they have their teeth professionally whitened by a dentist. Many of the over-the-counter products are ineffective and may only give a slight result. Teeth Whitening at Lasting Impressions Dental The dentists at Lasting Impressions Dental do a thorough assessment of your teeth and mouth before recommending teeth whitening. Your teeth and mouth must be in a healthy state before professional whitening can take place – afterall you want to make sure your teeth are healthy – not just white! At Lasting Impressions Dental we offer two types of teeth whitening: Whitening Trays These take home whitening trays are a great way to whiten your teeth gradually from the comfort of your own home – this usually takes between 7-10 days and is a gentle and effective way to whiten your teeth. Most people prefer to whiten their teeth overnight. How are the trays made? The dentist will take an impression of your teeth to customise the trays to fit your mouth comfortably and achieve a close fit so the bleaching gel has close proximity to your teeth. Your dentist will show you how to use the trays and how frequently to...

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