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Dental Anxiety Management

Treatment for Nervous Patients

At Lasting Impressions Dental we understand that for some people a visit to the dentist causes feelings of anxiety, so we take great care to ensure that your dental stress levels are kept to a minimum. We understand that you may be anxious about your dental appointment and are here to help alleviate your stress and anxiety. We know that some people dislike going to the dentist so we endeavour to make your visit to our surgery as pleasant and comfortable as possible. In addition to our gentle and understanding approach, we also provide a range of services to help anxious patients from topical anaesthetics (numbing cream) applied prior to the injection of local anaesthetic, inhalational sedation (nitrous oxide – happy gas) and, in some cases, the use of dental hypnosis.

What is Inhalation Sedation?

Nitrous oxide (or happy gas) reduces anxiety and helps the patient feel relaxed. It also has a numbing effect so, in some cases, an injection is not necessary. A mask is placed over the patient’s nose prior to the commencement of dental treatment, enabling the nitrous oxide gas to be inhaled. It starts to take effect in minutes, making the patient pleasantly relaxed. When used in conjunction with listening to music through earphones, the inhalation of nitrous oxide is particularly effective. Once the dental procedure is complete, the inhalation of the nitrous oxide is then ceased and the patient returns to their normal state rapidly.

What is Dental Hypnosis?

Dental hypnosis creates a relaxed state of mind allowing patients to dissociate themselves from dental treatment and to focus on pleasant thoughts. Dr Davies holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and offers dental hypnosis to anxious patients. After being treated under hypnosis, patients report their experiences as being far better than anticipated. Dental hypnosis may not be for everyone, but it can be very beneficial for some anxious patients. In most cases patients can be completely cured of their dental anxieties. If you have any concerns or questions regarding dental anxiety please feel free to phone us on 6249 8383.

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