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Dental Check-Ups, Canberra City

What Are Dental Check-Ups?

A dental exam is an appointment where your dentist thoroughly checks your teeth, gums, jaw joints and the soft tissues of your mouth (tongue, lips, cheeks, roof of the mouth). He may also recommend dental x-rays be taken during this appointment, so that areas that are not visible on inspection can be seen on the x-ray image. A dental exam focuses on diagnosing any dental problems and recommending appropriate solutions.

Dental Check-Up and Scale and Clean Appointment

Dental Check-up appointments are commonly scheduled to allow time to provide a dental cleaning, which involves the removal of tarter and plaque from your teeth and gum line, a professional polishing of your teeth to remove stains from food and beverages, and the application of fluoride to make your tooth enamel more resistant to decay.

Your dentist will often spend time reviewing your home care routine and will provide recommendations about brushing and flossing if necessary.

What Is Important To Know About Dental Exams and Check-Ups?

Your dentist will recommend how frequently your checkups should be. Most people visit their dentist twice a year. People with moderate or severe dental disease may be asked to attend more often, while others will only need to visit once a year.

Your general health can have a profound effect on your dental health: some medications and health conditions can react badly with dental treatment. Your dentist will always ask you about your current health, recent health problems and current medications. Please answer their questions carefully and thoroughly.

Dental Check-Ups at Lasting Impressions Dental

Lasting Impressions Dental provides comprehensive dental check-ups in Canberra City. The check-ups can often take up to 30 minutes. That’s because we check many different things that can affect your dental health.

We don’t just look at your teeth and fillings: we check your gums for signs of gum disease, we check your jaw joints for smooth movement, and inspect how your teeth are positioned, especially when you bite. When we examine your teeth, we are looking for decay, areas of weakness, cracks and discolouration. We check your fillings and crowns for areas of weakness, cracks and underlying decay.

With three Australians being diagnosed with oral cancer everyday, we are also committed to providing a detailed visual inspection of your entire mouth every time you return for your check-up. Early detection of oral cancer gives you a 90% chance of survival.

Dental X-Rays in Dental Check-ups

Dental x-rays are an important part of a dental examination, because x-rays help your dentist to see details of areas that are otherwise not visible. Areas that are difficult to see include:

  • Between the teeth, especially between molars;
  • Under fillings and crowns; &
  • Under the gum (your dentist will want to know about the health of your jaw bone, and may need to know information about the roots of your teeth as well).

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