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General Dental Care

General dental care is so important yet most of us do the bare minimum when it comes to our oral health. The reason most patients are anxious when they come for their check up (or avoid it altogether) is due to the fact they know they haven’t been keeping up with good general dental care.

At Lasting Impressions Dental – your local Canberra Dentist, we believe in teaching our patients to look after their teeth so that they don’t need to come to the dentist for treatment that could have otherwise been prevented. It’s never to late to start good oral hygiene.

Just brushing your teeth twice a day isn’t enough to keep your pearly whites protected, so read below to make sure you are making your best effort to keep your teeth clean and free of diseases.

So what does good general everyday dental care involve?

  • Brushing your teeth (but we all knew that!).  We should brush our teeth at least twice a day with a soft to medium brush. Do not scrub your teeth – be gentle, your gums can wear away with harsh brushing! Make sure you brush all of your teeth with a gentle circling motion ensuring you are brushing all the build-up on your teeth. Gently brush your gums too – but remember be gentle! If you can brush your teeth after lunch too – not just in the morning and evening. This gives your teeth the best chance of staying cavity free.
  • Flossing (yes, you know this one too!) Floss in the morning and evening brushing your teeth alone cannot remove all the nasties from your teeth so make sure you floss between each and every tooth! It doesn’t take very long so make sure you make flossing part of your daily routine, your teeth will thank you!
  • Wash your mouth out with water after sugary drinks and meals, this helps to neutralise the acids in your mouth and also the fluoride in the water will help your teeth to fight off attacks from plaque.
  • Remember to make that check-up appointment. You may be doing all the right things but you still need to have your regular check-up. Ensuring you visit the dentist regularly helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums, dentists can see what you can’t, so if there is an issue more than likely it can be picked up early. Remember prevention is key!

Pretty simple right? So why not do this every day? Make brushing, flossing and washing your mouth out with water (when needed) your daily routine, it doesn’t take a long time – but it will save you money in the future on dental bills!

If you haven’t been to see the dentist for a while get your oral health sorted out now, you’ll feel better about it once its done and then you can move forward and maintain a healthy mouth!

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