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Get Healthy For Summer

White refined sugar is not needed in our diet

As summer approaches for most Canberran’s we start thinking about getting fit and healthy and maybe losing some weight to get into that bathing suit for summer-time trips down at the coast.

So while we are dreaming of getting our perfect body for summer we start to cut out some of those naughty sugary foods which is great news for your body and for your teeth! But why do we only get serious about being healthy when summer approaches? It’s not just your waistband that suffers during the cooler months – your teeth do too, not o mention your overall health! During winter people tend to hibernate and let their eating habits get the best of them and then summer comes around and suddenly we are in a mad rush to shift the weight.

Being healthy should be an all year round kind of thing – added sugar really isn’t needed in our diets – as much as this news may hurt your ears, sadly it is true. The body can get all the natural sugar it needs from fruit – there is no need to add sugar to anything!

I know some people love to have a couple of teaspoons of sugar in their coffee and tea – but that equates to a lot of added sugar in one year and possibly quite a few kilos of added fat to your body. Every time you take a sip of a sugary drink – this puts your teeth at risk of decay. So as you can see, cutting out at least the sugar in your coffee or tea can have wonderful benefits not only for your teeth but also for you health and your waist!


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