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Kids need regular dental check ups too!

It was disturbing to read in the accompanying article (click here to read article) that the level of tooth decay in Aussie kids is as high as in some third world countries. Not only should kids be brushing morning and night, they should also have regular dental check ups to ensure any decay is treated before it becomes serious.


I know it’s hard to get the kids to brush without reminders, but if they get into the habit it can help prevent tooth decay and save you money. Even harder is get them into the habit of reducing their consumption of sugar- laden foods, but if they can be trained to finish off with an apple or a quick brush you will be doing their teeth a favour.

We know it can be difficult scheduling a visit to the dentist during term time, so why not schedule a dental check up for the kids in the next school holidays? To make an appoint with Lasting Impressions Dental Phone us on 6249 8383

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