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What Is a Sports Mouthguard?

A Sports Mouthguard is a removable appliance worn over the upper teeth. It is made of a specialised plastic that absorbs forces to the mouth, teeth and jaw in the event of a traumatic impact during sport. A mouthguard will prevent or reduce the injuries caused by such impacts.

What Is Important To Know About Sports Mouthguards?

  • Mouthguards should be worn while training as well as during the game;
  • Mouthguards should be worn for any sport where there is risk of damage to teeth;
  • Ideally, they should also be worn during playtime if the activity your child is engaged in poses a risk of injury to their teeth- for example, skateboarding;
  • You should bring your mouthguard to your dental checkups so that your dentist can make sure it still fits properly and is doing its job;
  • Sports mouthguards are available for sports players of all ages and all levels;
    The Australian Dental Association recommends that all sportspeople wear professionally fitted sports mouthguards. While cheap, over-the-counter mouthguards are available, professionally customised mouthguards are the most effective at preventing or reducing injury. They are also much more comfortable to wear!

Sports Mouthguards at Lasting Impressions Dental

We make custom-fitted mouthguards for sports players of all ages and all levels of competition. We offer a range of colours: many players like their mouthguard to match their team uniform.

Our dentists believe that a well-fitting mouthguard is as important to a player as well-fitting sports shoes.

We know that the cost and trauma of dental injury can be immense. Impact to an unprotected mouth can result in broken or knocked out teeth, cut lips, broken jaws or even concussion. Many of these injuries are very painful, some can be disfiguring. Treatment can take weeks or months and the costs involved far exceed the cost of a custom-made sports mouthguard.

If you are looking for a dentist to make custom-fitted mouthguards in Canberra City, contact Lasting Impressions Dental today.

More Information About Sports Mouthguards

There is no doubt that over-the-counter mouthguards are very cheap and this can seem like an attractive option for many families, especially when kids can grow out of mouthguards almost as quickly as they grow out of shoes! However, a mouthguard that has not been custom fitted does not provide enough protection against injury.

Many over-the-counter options are uncomfortable to wear: they interfere with speech, make breathing difficult, move around or fall out or are rough against sensitive parts of the mouth and gums.

Some players will take an ill-fitting mouthguard out or even not bother to put it in at all because they are so uncomfortable.

Many families take great care to ensure their sport players wear shoes, uniforms and other protective wear that are fitted correctly. A sports mouthguard should be no different.

What a Professionally Fitted Sports Mouthguard does:

  • Cushions teeth;
  • Protects jaw joints;
  • Protects soft tissues;
  • Helps prevent neck and jaw injuries;&
  • Reduce risk of concussion.

Sports mouthguards last much longer when they are cleaned and stored correctly.

  • After use, your mouthguard should be rinsed well in cold water. It is a good idea to occasionally rinse the mouthguard in mouthwash;
  • Store your mouthguard dry in a rigid plastic container;&
  • Keep your mouthguard away from heat, including hot water and the inside of hot vehicles: mouthguards will warp if exposed to high temperatures.

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