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Teeth Whitening, Canberra City

What Is It?

Teeth Whitening is the process of lightening the colour of teeth, using a peroxide-based gel that may be activated by light to accelerate its action.

Many people achieve a fantastic result when they have their teeth professionally whitened, as professional teeth whitening is the only safe and effective way to whiten suitable teeth. Many over-the-counter products are ineffective.

What Is Important To Know About Teeth Whitening?

  • Professional teeth whitening works best if the dull colour is primarily caused by superficial discolouration. It is less predictable for the deep staining caused by childhood antibiotics;
  • Teeth whitening will not work for everyone: that’s why a careful diagnosis by a dentist is required first. If whitening isn’t recommended, your dentist can provide other cosmetic dental solutions;
  • Whitening should not be done if there is active dental disease like tooth decay or tooth sensitivity;&
  • Untrained individuals, such as hairdressers and beauticians, do not have the experience to properly determine a person’s suitability for teeth whitening. Only dentists have the required training and experience to offer safe and effective teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening at Lasting Impressions Dental

Our dentists do a thorough assessment of your teeth and mouth before recommending teeth whitening. Your mouth needs to be healthy before your teeth are whitened: otherwise you are at greater risk of developing certain side effects, some of which are very painful. You can see a detailed list of what your dentist will be looking for below.

We offer a choice of two Teeth Whitening methods at Lasting Impressions Dental:

Whitening Trays

This is sometimes called Take Home Whitening, and is a gentle and effective way to whiten your teeth gradually over a period of 7 to 10 days at home. You can use the whitening trays during times when it’s most convenient to you. Many people prefer to wear the trays while sleeping, so that their teeth whiten overnight: others wear them during quiet times of the day.

Our dentists will make a mould of your teeth and custom-make two whitening trays that will fit snugly over your top and bottom teeth. The trays are thin and flexible, and are trimmed to be as comfortable as possible. We will show you how to use the whitening trays and how to safely load the whitening gel into them.

Zoom Whitening

If you prefer a faster whitening solution, you might want to select Zoom Whitening. This is a procedure that takes around 90 minutes to complete, and is done in our rooms. Zoom Whitening accelerates the whitening process, giving you results on the same day.
Your dentist will apply a strong whitening gel to your teeth, and will activate the gel with a bright blue light. This process is done up to three times during the appointment, with the teeth being thoroughly rinsed and dried between applications.

If you would like to discuss teeth whitening options with a dentist in Canberra City, contact Lasting Impressions Dental today.

More Information About Teeth Whitening

The process of teeth whitening has the potential to cause damage to teeth, gums and other soft tissues. This is why it is important for your dentist to carefully analyse your teeth for suitability.

A proper assessment for teeth whitening includes:

  • An accurate health history (including details of current medications);
  • An accurate lifestyle assessment- to identify sources of tooth staining (smoking, dark-coloured foods and beverages commonly consumed etc);
  • Determination of enamel thickness;
  • Assessing presence of receding gums;
  • Assessing presence of decay in teeth;
  • Assessing presence and cause of tooth sensitivity;
  • Checking existing fillings and other restorations;&
  • Checking for presence of any other oral disease.

If teeth whitening is not prescribed properly or is performed incorrectly, the following problems can occur:

  • Severe tooth sensitivity;
  • Damage to the gums, including inflammation and blistering;
  • Damage to the enamel of teeth causing it to become softer;
  • Chemical irritation to, and blistering or bleeding of, the tissues of the mouth, throat and stomach if the whitening gel is accidentally swallowed;&
  • Chemical irritation and burns to the skin and eyes if the whitening gel comes into contact with them.

During the process of having your teeth whitened (especially during Zoom Whitening), you may be aware of a ‘buzzing’ or ‘bubbly’ sensation on your teeth. Some people may get short, sharp pain sensations during the process. Others have an aching feeling in their teeth for several days afterwards. Many people experience a temporary increase of sensitivity to cold foods and drinks. If you experience any of these after Teeth Whitening, please let us know.

It’s important to realise that the whitening gels do not change the colour of fillings, crowns or veneers. When the natural teeth are whitened, it is often necessary to replace existing fillings, crowns and veneers to match the new colour.

If your dentist determines that teeth whitening will not achieve the result you are looking for, he will be able to recommend other solutions. For example, dental porcelain veneers will mask the colour of your natural teeth, and can be customised to the brightness that you desire.

More Resources:

The Australian Dental Association have a website dedicated to Teeth Whitening, which you can access here.

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