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Follow up on Coconut oil and oral health


So it has been about two weeks since I started oil pulling for oral health. I must say I am very impressed. Prior to starting this ancient method of keeping your mouth free from harmful bacteria and plaque, I was quite sceptical. But having read the numerous reviews claiming oil pulling to be the best thing since sliced bread, I had to give it a go.

So what is the verdict? I am sold! I have been implementing oil pulling into my routine five times per week for two weeks. I have noticed a marked improvement in the colour of my teeth (yes it does help to whiten to an extent), I would recommend oil pulling for those who want to get an even better result with take home trays or Zoom Whitening as a kind of pre-measure, so that you may be able to achieve a few more shades lighter with your in-surgery whitening. It doesn’t end there though, I felt that my mouth overall felt a lot cleaner, my teeth felt polished rather than a bit rough as some of the molars at the back usually don’t get as good a clean as the rest of my teeth! Another improvement worth mentioning was that my gums stopped bleeding upon brushing, they look a lot healthier and a nice pink colour as I had one area which was looking a little worse for wear –it now has become healthy looking. I can’t wait to go to my next check up to have my dentist (Dr Davies – Lasting Impressions Dental of course) tell me how much my oral health has improved.

Oil pulling is a great thing to implement into your daily routine to keep your oral health up to scratch, won’t it feel good to go to the dentist and have only good news – I certainly am looking forward to that. So why not give it a try. When purchasing coconut oil, always ensure it is completely natural – organic, cold-pressed, non GMO, non-heat treated etc. Oh and remember when you do it DO NOT SWALLOW the oil! Spit it out as the oil will now harbour all the harmful bacteria from your mouth. Of course if you are allergic to coconut this isn’t for you.

I hope you all found this post interesting and give it a try if you can, it takes a bit of dedication but once it you start doing this on a weekly basis you will find ways to fit it into your daily routine without even noticing. I will most definitely be keeping this up for my oral health’s sake!

Also, just another little reminder to keep up with your dental check up! Even if your teeth seem healthy and happy it is still imperative to have them checked every 6-12 months (depending on your dentist’s recommendation). So get on that phone and call us – Lasting Impressions Dental your local Dentist in Canberra – Ph: 6249 8383.

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