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Dental Decay the Most Prevalent Chronic Disease in Children

It is alarming to think that dental decay is the most widespread chronic disease in children and a study by the University of Adelaide under the leadership of Associate Professor Loc Do wants to know why and what can be done to combat it.

Associate Professor Do points out that dental health cannot be viewed in isolation. Diet, general health and economic circumstances all play a role. He emphasised the role preventative dental care plays in good dental health.

The study, to be undertaken of up to 1800 pre school-aged children, will yield information that can be used to focus on improvements to oral health.

One sure way ensuring sound dental health is a regular dental check up. Children need regular check ups as much as adults do and these should form part of your family’s health plan.

The dentists at Lasting Impressions Dental know that regular check ups are critical as potential problems can be detected early and treated before they become more serious.

They know too, that it can be difficult finding the time to get the kids to the dentist with all the commitments kids and and families have these days.

School holidays are a great time for kids to see the dentist. No clashes with sport, school, homework or after school activities and for the September/October school holidays we are offering a special deal on children’s checkups!

So there really isn’t a better time to tick this job off your to- do list. Call 6240 8383 today.

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